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Happy birthday to us!

4 Mar
from wiki commons - delicious!

from wiki commons – delicious!


Wow. It has been a year since we started doing this blog. It has been quite a ride. There have been a lot of ups, and one very long down – but that’s okay! It has been a surprisingly fun and exciting ride. We made a lot of friends and found a ton of resources for writing, publishing, and editing. I’m really grateful.

If you’re looking at this, thank you. Writing/publishing/blogging sometimes feels as though we are standing at the Grand Canyon and shouting into the abyss. At least we’re not doing it alone. If that cake in the picture above were real, I’d offer to share it with you. You deserve a slice.

Here’s to many more years of writing and sharing! Cheers! Sláinte!


Fun With Propaganda!

2 Apr

I made this today. The idea had been kicking around in my head since last week. Some friends and I hit on the idea of ‘aping’ the style of those old ‘New Deal’ WPA style posters; making some lighthearted fun and perhaps working out some great artistic kinks. Well, I’m an impatient fool and my ability to draw and/or paint has shriveled up. But I do have some sweet graphics programs and I need an excuse to use them.

Rock of Ages WPA parody

Def Leppard, meet WPA. WPA… Def Leppard.

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Easter: Drinking and Zombie Movies

1 Apr


We celebrate the holidays a bit differently around here. Some would call it “anti-social behavior” perhaps; I like to consider it “differently-social behavior” myself. Maybe it’s because we’re introverted by nature, or slightly warped by our nerdy, cloistered experiences. Who know? All I know is that when my friends get together it usually involves 1) Booze, and 2) Weird conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all! This all feels like… home to me.

So, this year for our Easter observance, we decided to watch a few zombie movies and drink. It’s hard for me to remember a better Easter than this one. Now, we do this every year – for the past ten years or so – so we have a lot of zombie movie experience. We have watched all of the classics and more than our share of the really awful ones too. Yet we do our best, every year, to find new and remarkable films. Here is what our lineup was this year:

  • Juan of the Dead – a Cuban horror/comedy, which none of us had seen before
  • Zombieland – perhaps the best of the ‘new’ generation of zombie films
  • Sugar Hill – another unknown; a 1974 ‘blacksploitation’ movie in the voodoo vein
  • Shaun of the Dead – not enough good things can be said about this movie

A lot could be made of our choices, but it ultimately came down to a shrug of the shoulders and, “Whaddya wanna watch next, huh?” With the entire internet at our disposal, we had an embarrassment of options before us. We’ve had much worse movies in the queue in years past.

The drinking portion of our day began right after the first movie ended. It was a little game we called, “The Easter Booze Hunt” – appropriate, if not clever. Our hostess hid miniature bottles of liquor in the front yard of the house and we had to find them. As a bonus, there were small, plastic eggs with candy inside. We raced, snatched up little bottles of booze, and behaved like kids. It was great.

I can’t say that it’s the smartest, most meaningful kind of thing to do. Maybe it would be more ‘healthy’ to spend that time with my family. Maybe this is exactly the kind of standing apart that keep people like me cooped up in my own skin. But as an artist, this is the kind of brain food that my muse needs to get by; this is really returning to The Well. I mean, these are my people. Laughter, thrills, fattening food, and cheap liquor – can you really ask for more?


I hope your Easter was even half as good as mine. Sláinte and all that.

PS: You can expect reviews soon.


(image borrowed from kaptive8)

On Misinvention

30 Mar
this is what happens when you let your demiurge drink

this is what happens when you let your demiurge drink

We may well be the ones to set this world on its ear / We may well be the ones / If not then why are we are we here? / Why the hell else are we here?

According to Wikipedia:
“An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product, or a new process for creating an object or a result.”

And according to my dictionary:
mis- is a prefix, meaning: Wrong; bad; erroneous.

You do the math. You put two and two together and see what kind of sandwich it makes. Oh, you don’t like sandwiches? What the hell is wrong with sandwiches? I put together a perfectly cromulent word-salad like that for lunch and you don’t even want to taste it? Damn, that’s cold.

Fine. I’ll spell it out for you.

We make ‘bad things’ sometimes. And since we can’t stop ourselves, we like to share them. From time-to-time, we actually make things that are ‘good’ as well. We share those too.

It’s not because we enjoy lying, or writing, or whatever. I mean, sure, it’s always fun when you get something nice out of it. No, we only do this for one, easy to understand reason: We cannot NOT do it. We literally cannot stop writing. If we could, don’t you think we would have normal lives? Normal jobs? Normal… brains?

This is the result of our weird, wrong, bad brains. Misinvention.

We will use this space to post stories, scripts, reviews, lies, slander, articles, code, numbers, formulae, minutiae, screeds, manifestos, heresies, anecdotes, rumors, gossip, love letters to dead gods, cover letters, death threats to our pets… and whatever else strikes our fancy.

What do you do, when you feel compelled to do terrible things? When your muse has been drinking? When you mentor is on a binge of crack cocaine and violent artistic urges? Well, if you’re anything like us, you make art. We sincerely hope you enjoy how we do it.