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A New Adventure!

19 Sep

I’ve been procrastinating my new, totally awesome project for a long time now. But I’ve finally got it off the ground. Sure, it’s not exactly cruising at mach speed or anything, but it’s flying. Here it is: VERBNOUN (

It’s going to be where all my professional, quasi-professional, and writing related stuff will live. I have some big plans, but I am well aware that they will change. So, I’m keeping them close to my chest, for now. I can tell you this, for sure. Words will be used, language will be abused, and there will be stories, art, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Like the taglines says: Words, Pictures, Cool Stuff.

Who's the dummy that programmed me to feel pain?!

Who’s the dummy that programmed me to feel pain?!

Of course, I’m sad to be leaving this place behind. It was always our intent to use this site as a collaborative place, until our interests took us elsewhere. And they did, but I am a lingerer – maybe even a malingerer! – but now is my time. There likely won’t be any future posts here, but I’ll leave it up, for a while at least. But please, come catch up with us, if you like. You can find us here:

Alexandra’s Twitter

Patrick’s Twitter

And, VERBNOUN, of course.

Cheers and salutations!