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The Day Off Plan

27 Feb
This machine kills... uh, something?

This machine kills… uh, something?


A friend reminded me just recently that I have a beautiful plan. I made a reference to getting paid for my writing for the first time. To be precise, I said something along the lines of:

“… the first time I ever got paid for my writing. I’ve been published before, but not paid. Ya know, for assembling a bunch of words into a particular, pleasing order. I mean, it’s not like I invented new words or anything. I just organized them.”

To which, he replied, “Cool. Day off.”

“Ha! I don’t get days off, man,” I said. “I’m a writer.”

“No, you got paid,” he insisted. “Now you don’t work that day. Right?”

The recollection surprised me. I was shocked that I had forgotten, because it is a truly ingenious plan. I made myself a vow – a magical goal to shoot for – which had fallen by the wayside of my mind. Years of working, writing, grinding at the keyboard, had pushed the idea from my thoughts. Memory can be a funny thing. Here is the Day Off Plan:

Any day in which I get paid for my writing becomes a personal, permanent Day Off. Holiday! So, for example, if I get paid for my words on June 1st I will never work on June 1st again. Holiday! The expectation, of course, is that I will write (or otherwise work) every other day of the year, with few exception. Naturally, my eventual goal will be to group together several of these “pay days” into a vacation block. And then, some far off magical day in the future, I might manage to arrange for 365 consecutive days off. Holiday forever!

And on THAT day, I will consider myself successful. I am aware that it sounds ridiculous. Of course, it is probably impossible. But I just don’t care. I am my own boss, and sometimes I need to take unconventional measures.

It brings to mind all kinds of crazy possibilities, which I love to think about. What if someone wants to pay me on a day that is already a day off? Can I get them to postpone sending me an online payment? How would that sound to them? And what happens when I get down to the end of my plan – and I only have a couple of days left to fill in? Can you imagine trying to convince a publisher to delay payment, or post-date a check, for some nutty superstition or something? It makes my gears spin. And you know, I like the sound of gears spinning.

So far, I have earned only one legitimate Day Off for my life. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Perhaps I will think of it as the first step on a very long journey. Oh, and the money is a nice thing too, even if it is only a couple of bucks.

One down, a few hundred to go!