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Festive Fibonacci Fiction

17 Dec

My favorite bit of holiday anything is probably Neil Gaiman’s Nicolas Was – from his incredible Smoke and Mirrors collection. A few years ago, I tried to filter that same feeling, in a piece of constrained writing. In this case, it is one of my favorite mathematical things: the Fibonacci sequence. As a storytelling constraint, it is marvelous. The words literally build upon on another – and in the case of the piece below, I decided to use syllables. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

So pretty...

So pretty…





Fever dreams.

Draped in blood red fur.

Smouldering pipe clenched in his teeth.

He leaves claw marks inside my chimney, as he descends.

In my house, looming like a savage, primal spirit – in my home! – he searches for food.

Awake and trembling with delirium, I stagger towards the sound of rustling leaves and cracking ice that draws me towards my doom.  I witness his acts.

With grunts and warped laughter, he deposits his spoor under our Solstice tree.  Glittering with unnatural light, the brightly colored lumps cause me to gasp.  Eldritch eyes lock with mine.  Finger to snout, he vanishes and I collapse.


Happy whatever! Cheers!